Digital Skills Trainer– Volunteer

  • To provide digital skill training, information and assistance to all the community.
  • To empower all the community to use technology by developing their digital knowledge and confidence to improve their overall wellbeing, maintaining their independence and aiming to reduce isolation.
  • To help them understand the benefits of using the internet, demonstrate how to do simple things online and how to get the most out of personal technological devices.
  • To provide one-to-one training and hands on support to highlight the positive impact of using digital technology in their daily lives.

Key Task Descriptions:

  • Provide digital skill training to clients in the form of classroom, one-to-one booked and or drop-in tutorials.
  • Provide IT sessions and demonstrations on IT related areas such as ‘setting up email accounts’ / ‘how to use a tablet’ / shopping and banking online / Internet searches.
  • To promote our importance of Staying Connected Service within the local area and disseminate IT information to persons in the borough.
  • Explain and demonstrate how to use the internet and technological devices i.e., tablets, smartphones and laptops
  • Demonstrate how to use emails and maintain an account.
  • To train clients on how to use technology to communicate with friends and family.
  • Explore online shopping and demonstrate how to use various services.
  • Discuss online banking and paying bills online.
  • Explore how to find medical information and/or book GP appointments online
  • Show how to research social activities and local services.
  • Demonstrate how to use calendars and/or set up helpful reminders
  • Explain how to research organisations (like trusted traders, builders, etc) and find out what other people are saying about them
  • Demonstrate how to use accessibility features on personal devices.
  • Train clients on Internet safety and data protection best practice.
  • Record session topics for metric reporting purposes.
  • Adhere to safeguarding practices.

Candidates must have a relevant level 1, subject knowledge and skills to deliver the digital skills to give learners the opportunity to:

  • Develop and expand their understanding of digital technologies
  • Develop their skills and competence in using digital devices.


  1. Good knowledge and understanding of a range of technologies (mobile phone-computer) to support learning and teaching
  2. Good inter-personal skills
  3. Effective communicator
  4. Professional attitude


Teaching Assistant English /ESOL – Volunteer

Job description

We are expanding our teaching programme and have roles available at a range of times

We are seeking volunteers to run each face-to-face classes and online Teaching Life Skills in English classes for migrants, refugees and those seeking asylum.

As a Teaching Life Skills in English Facilitator, you will plan and teach fun, engaging lessons which are useful for the learners we work with.

As an assistant Teaching Life Skills in English Facilitator, you will help the students practise their English, help manage the online learning environment (zoom) and teach sections of the lesson jointly or under the guidance of the Teaching Life Skills in English –  Facilitator.


Tasks and responsibilities

Teaching Life Skills in English- Facilitator will be asked to:

  • Plan, resource and deliver weekly or fortnightly at various levels
  • Communicate with the Educational Coordinator and other teachers regarding planning and learner progress;
  • Arrange cover for absences with other volunteers, notifying the Educational Coordinator;
  • Track learners’ progress by keeping records and conducting assessments;
  • Contribute to volunteer debriefs for 15 minutes after each class


Assistant Teaching Life Skills in English- Facilitators will be asked to:

  • Assist with classroom activities, helping students practise and improve their English

Teach sections of the lesson under the guidance of the Teaching Life Skills in English- Facilitator

  • Help manage the online learning environment (zoom) during the lesson

Arrange cover for absences with other volunteers, notifying the Teaching Life Skills in English- Facilitator

Contribute to volunteer debriefs for 15 minutes after each class.



 Administrator Assistant – Volunteer


  • -Greet visitors and identify their needs.
  • -Schedule appointments, answer phones and maintain organised file system.
  • -Help Students fill in application form.
  • -Work on day-to-day task management within the organisation.
  • Updating our computer system,
  • Working with our clients to gather quotes and case studies,
  • Assisting with collating information for social media posts
  • General administration duties.

Skills/Attributes Required:

  • Mature, flexible, open minded professional approach
  • Reliable and trustworthy, with a service driven approach
  • Friendly & enthusiastic, team spirited
  • Committed to Equal Opportunities

Experience Required:

  • Understanding of Microsoft Office and online communication platforms such as emails
  • Ability of working as part of a team but also with key stand-alone responsibilities

 Audio Visual EDITOR – Volunteer

Are you a Audio-visual editor with some time on your hands? If so, we could really do with your help.

Whether you’re gifted with video, photography, animation or graphic design we would love to see your work. You’ll be helping people see the faces behind the statistics and bringing life to the endless headlines of vulnerable people. Most importantly, you’ll be helping people who too often have no voice, to tell their stories. You’ll also help us capture the important work we do in helping people.

Whether you’re expanding your portfolio, whiling away the hours or attending to a neglected hobby, we’re certain you’ll find the experience a rewarding one.



All volunteers are DBS checked as they will be volunteering with Vulnerable Adults and this is part of our Safeguarding Policy & Procedure.


Please send CV and cover letter to:

MTC Learning