My Story

Iryna Borg


Iryna was born and brought up in Ukraine and came to Britain ten years ago with the hope to work in the beauty and fashion industry.

It was at the beginning of 2019 that she picked up a prospectus of the local college and learnt about the Health & Beauty courses there.  She also received the leaflet of MTC learning about English courses.  The centre was very near to her house which was ideal.

I became so happy to be able to do my English and Maths at MTC learning.  The moment I entered the premises, I saw everyone smiling and really helpful.  I found my class’ teacher Shohreh really approachable, patient and friendly.  Not to forget my classmates, they all came from various countries and diverse backgrounds.  Everything was totally different from my previous learning experience!  The most important thing is the fact that my English and Maths course helped my studies at college significantly.  I am really grateful to all at MTC Learning’.

Milena Stefan

Milena Stefani, came to London last year from Italy, she worked as an au-pair while attending MTC Learning E3 and L1 English & Maths classes during her staying in the UK. Her major purpose was to improve her linguistics and communicative skills in English in order to succeed at the entry test in Psychology at the “University of Padova” in Italy.

 She stated: “I really enjoyed my experience as a student at MTC Learning, thank you to all the staff who supported me and believed in me”.  She reported that her classmates were very sociable and her teachers were brilliant in helping her to achieve her potential and mostly to train her to become an independent learner. She stated that she is applying this competence for her self-study assignments.

Milena said: “I am so glad to have experienced one of the best teaching methods in London. Moreover I feel so lucky to have studied in a very good establishment where the training was outstanding and I had the opportunity to meet amazing people such as my classmates. Tutorials and classes have helped me to develop my personal and academic skills”.

Milena had been accepted at the University of Padova, where she started her first classes. She emailed us saying: “Thank you to all at MTC Learning, I wanted to share this exciting news with you all, you are brilliant.”

Mehdy Ben Haj

Mehdy Ben Haj arrived in London from France and he undertook his studies very seriously as he was very ambitious to learn English in order to achieve his goal, moreover he got motivated by the teaching and the environment at MTC Learning.

He quoted: “I really enjoyed my English and Maths classes at MTC Learning, my teacher Daniella was brilliant and very knowledgeable. I felt safe and I could see that my English has improved from one course to another especially when I did progress to the next level”. “I had the pleasure to meet Mass as he was always available to help me when other lecturers were busy teaching”.

He added: “I am so glad that my friend recommended MTC Learning to me, I had a lot of support and I have experienced excellent and innovative teaching methods with my teacher Daniella”.  He also reported that all the staff at MTC Learning was very professional and qualified as they helped him with his English skills and with some administrative issues regarding his everyday life. Mehdy added: “Thank you very much to my brilliant teacher as she thought me how to be more professional and reliable at work, moreover she thought me some very important study and personal skills which they changed my life in better. I am definitely more confident and thanks to my all the staff at MTC Learning, I am glad my friend recommended MTC Learning to me”.

Nader Osman

Nader Osman is currently working as Assistant Manager at Footlocker Westfield Stratford branch. He started as Sale Associate. “I went to the job interview with the blessing of my teacher Renata and her support and empowering encouragements

“Although I was eager to learn when I arrived in London but MTC made the process even easier for me with its professional and caring staff”

All the discussions and presentations we had in class are really paying off as I am dealing with clients and taking part in staff meeting.”

Thanks to his dedication, hard work and positive attitude, the store Manager rewarded his efforts with a promotion to the position of Assistant-Manager.

Nader has over 20 in his team.

“When I look at myself, I realise I come from far away and studying at MTC Learning was the best choice I made.” 

Janos Taisz

Janos is originated from Hungary. He moved to the UK 12 years ago for job opportunities and to broaden his professional and personal experience. 

Back in Hungary, Janos had different occupations such as swimming instructor, bodyguard and amateur boxer and very importantly a stable family life. 

Since joining MTC Learning programmes, Janos has managed to turn around his life with the warmth and support from both staff and trainees.

“I have part-time job  and Mtc Learning is my house and my classmates are my family. Thank you for giving me a safety net and thank you for accepting me and giving me back my confidence.”

Janos is aiming to secure a fulltime job and to bring his family over.

Florentina Moraru

I was looking for an English course and a friend of mine told me about MTC Learning and the free courses they were offering.

After almost 6 months I was very confident in English, Mathematics and ICT. I did undertake the mt exams and I have just finished my Entry 3.

Last week I registered with an employment agency and after the interview I was accepted as Hospitality Assistant in Banqueting.

I am grateful to my teachers as well as MTC Learning and Waltham Forest College for this big opportunity as they allowed me to study and improve my life.  

Alice Crespiani

My Name is Alice Crespiani and I am from Italy.  I came here to work as an au pair, but at the beginning my English was not so good. I couldn’t understand a lot, so I decided to start an English course and I found this school in Leytonstone and I attended Entry 3 course.  After one year I can say that my English has improved a lot. It was very important to go to school, so I could listen and talk to other people. The teacher was very good and the lessons have been very useful. I am so happy for this experience and so proud to improve so much.

MTC Learning