Functional Skills

English Courses

Are you looking to raise your own literacy level? Our Functional Skills English Levels are an ideal starting point. We teach you the basics of the English Language to improve your reading, writing and speaking skills. You’ll learn how to write clear sentences, use punctuation correctly, and read and understand texts. The aim is to develop a range of valuable skills that you can use in real life and take into the workplace.

Maths Courses

Maths is an important skill you use every day. Maths helps with your finances, time telling, and problem-solving. Good maths skills improve your life at home and at work as it helps you make better decisions. If maths is holding you back, our  Functional Skills Maths is a great place to learn the basics. We’ll teach you real-world, transferable maths skills that let you think on your feet and succeed in life.

ICT Courses

Functional Skills ICT can help you develop the practical ICT skills you need to use technology in life, study and work. You’ll develop your ICT skills and learn how to use them in real-life situations. Computing and IT is required in nearly all businesses and job roles in today’s world and the ability to communicate and run administration using software IT skills is in huge demand and the sector provides literally millions of job opportunities.

 ESOL Classes – not being able to speak English is one of the biggest barriers to integration for people coming from abroad. We offer a variety of conversation classes, from beginners English right through to high level courses for those wanting to get into work. It’s also a lot of fun and a chance to bond as a community of learners!

An ESOL course is for you if English is not your first language and you want to improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Our ESOL classes use varied activities and resources to make learning interesting and relevant.

The focus of ESOL classes is to:

  • Equip you to participate in daily life in Britain – talk to your neighbours, organise transport, go shopping, visit a doctor or talk to teachers in schools
  • Give you employability / enterprise skills particularly CV writing and interview skills
  • Teach you about British culture, democracy, the rule of law, equality and diversity and sustainable living
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