AEB Good Work For All

The programme objectives are to deliver the Mayor’s vision for skills. ‘A City For All Londoners’ is to ensure that all Londoners, employers and businesses are getting the skills they need to succeed in a fair inclusive, society and thriving economy.

COVID-19 has had a profound and often tragic impact on the lives of Londoners. The capital has experienced an economic shock deeper than previous recessions, including the financial crash in 2008. Unlike previous recessions, job losses are likely to be concentrated in previously job rich sectors, such as hospitality and retail, where workers tend to be lower paid and have lower-level qualifications. Workers in these sectors are also likely to be younger and from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Many Londoners have been furloughed, made redundant or moved into insecure work. Wellbeing and mental health were important public policy concerns before the pandemic, and this has only increased since then. The risk is that for these workers, as employment falls and new job opportunities become scarcer, prolonged unemployment will follow, leading to long-lasting ‘scars’ on future earnings, employment prospects, and health and wellbeing.

In response to the pandemic, the London Recovery Programme, overseen by the London Recovery Board, has identified a grand challenge to restore confidence in the city, minimise the impact on communities and build back better the city’s economy and society.

The Missions are designed to be bold and ambitious, yet realistic and flexible enough so that they can gather wide support for delivery and adjust to emerging evidence and issues.

The London Recovery Board set out 9 Recovery Missions in response to the grand challenge:


A Green New Deal – London as a world leader for climate action, this will be central to delivering a recovery that creates jobs and skills.


High streets For All – how will our high streets be re-imagined for a future where a Londoner’s needs can be met on their doorstep. This is important given the impact of the pandemic on retail. 


A New Deal for Young People – young people have been significantly impacted by the pandemic so this relates to how we can best support young people through this challenging period.


Building Strong communities – ensuring that all Londoners will be equipped with the voice and tools to shape the recovery with their local communities.


Robust Safety Net – ensuring that all Londoners receive the support they need to avoid or be lifted out of poverty. Providers will be reaching out to those who are in receipt of low wage, or unemployed because they’re more vulnerable.


Healthy Food, Healthy Weight – supporting Londoners to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have better Mental Health and Wellbeing.


Digital Access for All – how do  we enable all Londoners to have access to the digital skills and infrastructure to thrive, especially those who have no access to digital resources.


Helping Londoners into Good Work – particularly relevant to AEB, enabling all Londoners to access education, training or a job opportunity; providers play a key part in this agenda which is to get Londoners good jobs.


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