“Sharing food nurtures more than our physical body. It feeds our friendships, bolsters our bonds and nourishes our sense of community – those factors are vital to our happiness.”

At the Meeting Place we know that food really does transcend all boundaries. It brings people together, it gives us something to share, and it encourages conversation. And it reminds us even in diversity and variety we have much in common.

A Taste of Harmony provides an opportunity for genuine connection and sharing some seriously delicious food. Carly Day, chef of Ja Joint in Brisbane has Jamaican and British heritage.

A Taste of Harmony acts as a mechanism to steer conversations towards learning about different cultures.

At the Meeting Place we often have World Food day, cultural events, festivals and religious occasions where the sharing of food is an essential part of the activity.

Sharing food has a way of bringing people together. At the Meeting Place, we are always looking for opportunities for people to increase their participation, and the use of food consciously or unconsciously often plays a part in that.

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